Welcome to Wonder Diaries,
Where I take you through a journey of amazement, beauty, raw, thrilling, adventurous, and unfamiliar experiences of travel and other aspects of life. Wonder Diaries was a wake up call from my lost dreams and zeal. These were lost somewhere between partying, fake friends, a job that sustains me, trying to make dysfunctional relationships work, attempting to make seasonal people permanent ..… the list seems endless now. One day I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t recognize the young lady attempting to smile back. The smile was different; she was different – she not only looked but felt strange. It was only then I realized that I was dead inside. I hadn’t done anything for me in a while. I hadn’t traveled or created in ages. It was a sad happy few minutes, ok maybe weeks, while I tried to figure out where I lost it all. Let’s just say I decided to live after that realization.

For me travel is life. In my mother tongue they have a saying “to go is to see”. I modified it to “to go is to live”. I learn through the cultures, the food, the adventure, the exploring, the discovery and most definitely the people. While I’m there, I take pictures to make everything last. I attempt to write and share. Not only about my travel but life in general to motivate, edify, educate and entertain what you might already know but from a different view. Of course I’m not an expert, just a lover of life with an opinion. Buckle up and enjoy the ride ………