I basically grew up in Nairobi, Kenya. I still live in the same place I lived when I was 1 day old (a few decades ago). I never changed schools in primary, high school or university it was one school for each. This shows you how settling is so easy for me.
But from a young age I learnt having a home shouldn't necessarily ground you there. I saw my family traveling for work and school and that was enough to trigger my curiosity juices. I started going on solo flights at age 7, exploring and adventure at 8 ( I was a girl scout). My mum thought I would hate it hence the reason she allowed me to go for my 1st camp in the 1st place. Came home with a twisted ankle and it didn't matter, the fun was worth the pain. Attempting to write journals in high school and replying(or not)all those letters from admirers. Then finally solo trips in a group in University after 2 years of my friends giving me excuses. Don't forget on top of that getting my passion to work out, something I picked to deal with unnecessary/necessary stress.

I lost my dream and zeal somewhere in between the partying, fake friends, a job that sustains me, trying to make disfunctional relationships work, attempting to make seasonal people permanent, the list seems endless now.
Then one day I woke up,looked at the mirror and I didn't recognise the young lady who attempted to smile back. She didn't realise she wasn't on the path no more till that minute. It was a sad happy few minutes,ok maybe weeks while I tried to figure out where I lost it all. Let's just say I started living after that realization. For me travel is life. In my mother tongue they have a saying "to go is to see".I modified it to; to go is to live. I learn through the cultures, the homesteads, the food, the adventure, the exploring, the discovery, the people while am here I take pictures to make the everything last, I attempt to write and share. Not only about my travel but life in general to motivate, encourage, educate and just share what you might already know but from a different view. Of course am not an expert just a lover of life with an opinion.