Two weeks later, a little over a hundred drafts and hours and hours of no success in a good story. Today I decided to make a list of super random thoughts on thankfulness for this week’s write up. The characters in those 100 drafts refused to cooperate. In turn I have decided to give them time to regroup as I work on this piece. Here are the 1st ten things that pop-up.

Here is to randomness;

1. Thankful for untold stories and write ups, they give me time to be more creative and get out of my comfort zone once again.

2.Thankful for family and now that I have two, many more blessings to count. You are all too special to me.

3. Super thankful for health. I can’t overemphasise enough how grateful I am.

4. Thankful for my support group – nawapenda sana. You all know yourselves 2020 and 2021 has been those years you really showed up. You went over and above.

5. Thankful for the creatives who inspire me in so many different ways – Abel Mutua your storytelling skills are a killer. Mkuru you keep me laughing most weeks as you pass some serious history lessons. David Mani you are not  just about the travel but making a difference while at it,that’s what travel influencing is to me. Hadith pod … yooo what can I say among my best podcasts hand down. So far George Kagwe, Abu and Ngartia(both from Too Early For Birds -TEFB) are my favs. George also keeps my laughing on his own platform. I can’t wait for theaters to resume, TEFB you have been missed. Hehehe the research that is done for these plays wacha tu. These are just a few among many more out there who impact me as a creative. The talent is crazy am glad I get to see it.

6. Thankful for movies( never thought I would say this) not only as a passtime but you can learn a whole lot. I will be making a list of some epic must watch movies soon.

7. Thankful for books they have given me the virtual adventure and travel until I can make frequent travel my reality again. Plus my imagination and writing skills gets better with each book.

8. Thankful for work and an even bigger plus that it’s working from home. The advantages it comes with were only just fiction last year.

9. Thankful to be alive at such a time making the differences I do, however small. The beauty about it is only I as wonder diaries can make them. I believe we all have that assignment and super power.

10. Thankful to have God by my side making all those dreams, prayers a reality. Of course I also have to do my part and do the work He just makes it easier and clearer.

I would love to hear what you are thankful about in the comment slot or my DM. Till the next piece – Stay thankful!


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