2020 will probably be a year we will never forget. A lot has been said about it, mostly negative.

2020 was yes, very unpredictable. If there was a year that would get an award, it would have to be this one. Lots of awards.
The ones I can think of top of my head;

  • Year with the most innovation
  • Year with the most data used.
  • Year where most people took the much need rest
  • Year where a lot of people in different parts of the world stood their ground i.e individually, as a society, a country you name it.
  • Year where a lot of time was spent online for different purposes – those online meetings were on another level.
  • The year where most parents in the world had a feel of what being a teacher was like.
  • The year where most people got to really see how frontline workers make a difference
  • The year where the most unpredictable things happened ( yo!! This list can be a novel)
  • The year we all, yes each and everyone of us became creative in one way or another.

2020 has shown us how resilient we can be.

I can’t quite put mine into words. It was a rollercoaster. But the one thing that was clear is God is in control. We should learn to trust Him. He is full of surprises. Mine was well packaged and couldn’t ask for more. He also blessed me with a tribe. Something I learnt, your tribe will be there no matter what. Don’t be fooled!

2021 ….. Be Kind.


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