These chilly November evenings make me miss the warm, happy, sunlit days we had before. The days before corona where we would visit places without thinking of wearing a mask, if places are open , will they accept the mode of payment I have. The days when places weren’t restricted and you could just walk in and enjoy the moments.

Will these days ever be fully back? Only time will tell.

One on those days I learnt that some of the best sunsets can be seen from the top of KICC. At the very top – 28th floor. Not that I have never been there before. Most of us have. It’s one of those places in Nairobi you have to visit. Take those pictures and probably head to Uhuru Park for a boat ride. That I need to relive and I hope it will be as fun as I remember it to be. So KICC it was. We got in to the reception, paid less than 400kes per person, took the elevator to 27th floor and walked up an extra flight to get to 28th floor.

Those memories still live with me. There were so many people I was surprised at how popular it was. The air up there was different, the faces were joyful and carefree. The skyline of Nairobi told just a detailed tale for how busy the city is on any given day. The ambiance was peaceful despite the numerous activities. Some were there for all kinds of photoshoots. My best was that cute couple that just got engaged. Others decided it was a perfect place to picnic. As for us we just chilled, made noise and enjoyed the random and different colours of the sky that God had decided to grace us with. Once the sun had set we just sat there to take it all in.

At around 7.15pm the guards who man the place ordered us to get back down. We reluctantly did so. We said our goodbyes and most people left. The few of us who remained just sat in the darkness to chit chat for a bit. ‘Ona huku juu,’ one said enthusiastically. What followed was magical. The sky lit up in different shapes and colours. Second after second something different was showcased. All that beauty froze the moments to come. We all just sat there quietly, taking in the beauty of the fireworks from an ongoing event.

At that moment, I remember thinking no matter how dark a season could be, there are some refreshing moments. The moments are mostly unexpected and random but we need to take them in. This has been a rough year for many all over due to different circumstances but take heart there will be fireworks, cheerful noises, breaks of crisp air, colourful skies, hope after the sunset and the sun will shine again providing the needed warmth.


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