Nairobi hasn’t been my best of places, I love to wander to different counties and countries every other week. Unfortunately, over the last 3 months I have had to stay in the Nairobi Metropolitan area, which surprisingly gives you lots of options and outdoor activities to do.

  1. Hiking in the Ngong Hills – Of course this my default as it’s an easy solo hiking location although the list has become endless with caves and new trails to be explored within the metropolitan. Bucketlist Adventures and Let’s Drift are doing an awesome job on Nairobi Metropolitan hikes, some places you would never think of.
  2. Run in Karura – who knew Karura was that big with the 3 different gates and numerous routes to explore. Sigiria remains my favourite. The routes are super scenic and amazing for that whole ‘enchanted forest’ feel. It is also such a plan for a photoshoot which explains why my runs and walks are normally slower here.
  3. Game Drive at the Nairobi National Park – ooh yah, this has become super popular over the last few weeks. My take is doing it during the week where there are less crowds and commotion.
  4. A walk in the wild at the Nairobi Safari Walk and Animal Orphanage – These two can be done together, such a fun activity to do with the children too. Also better done during the week just to avoid the crowds.
  5. Medal Hunting – Participate in virtual runs and medals are personally brought to your convenience and of course all Covid precautions are adhered to. I really tried but I wasn’t able to complete mine. How can you participate in one of these you ask ….. Team Jasho got you covered.
  6. Explore the Olulua Forest – I love this place so serene and refreshing plus its not too crowded weekend or weekday.
  7. Get lost in Paradise – Yep you guessed it Paradise Lost. Its perfect for just a walk and maybe just sit down and finish that book that you can’t read in the house.
  8. Lukenya Nature Walk – It’s a whole new walking experience alongside the animals, that every nature lover should experience.
  9. Picnic at Arboretum – I’m a picnic lover so this is among my best things to do. Fold a maasai shuka( patapenda has amazing ones), fill you picnic basket with all the yumminess, don’t forget your games and that speaker. No picnic is complete without music.
  10. Roooaaaad trip – But of course you need to keep to the metropolitan boundaries so drive from one end to the other make stops for pics here and there, discover new things if any just have fun!!

And that’s how I am keeping  sane on my hunger and thirst stricken days where I feel death creeping in  if I don’t see another town. Ooh well still wake up  looking forward to days we can all be up and about.



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  1. Patapenda store June 25, 2020 at 9:01 am

    Thank you Wonder diaries for the endorsement. We appreciate the love.


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