Ghana is one of those countries you travel to with an open mind. One minute you are a stranger in a new country, the next you are one of the locals in an all orange party understanding their slang.

On arrival to Ghana, we were so shocked on how casual life was. There was some kind of unsaid freedom, people were easy, no stress kinda feeling. Remember Ghana is visa free for Kenyans (so no long queues) and a yellow fever card is a must. Get a sim card just outside the airport, it really comes in handy during your stay. They said MTN is the best so that’s what we got. We paid about 20GHcs each for both talk time and data which lasted us almost a week. Ubers work really well but so do their local taxis. Actually the local taxis are easier and faster to find as compared to ubers. The prices you ask … cheaper if not the same amount as ubers.

Our Accra experience started immediately from the airport to our Airbnb. The traffic and the heat was unbearable. It took us about 3 hours to get to a place that was usually a 30-minute drive away.

P.S: when booking an Airbnb, try and get something closer to the town as that’s where most of the action is. Getting one further means paying more for transport which beats the purpose for the saving. Plus, it’s harder to get taxis and ubers to take you there after 9pm. It would cost you 5-10GHCs from Osu – Oxford Street to the airport.

Ghana is a food and event heaven. There are lots and lots do to in terms of activities especially outside of Accra. Here are some on the must dos while in Accra.

Beach hopping – They have so many beaches. Bojo beach if you want a different kind of beach feel, you get to the beach via a boat ride on a small river. It has an entry fee of about 10GHcs per person. The food is 6/10 however the duck is a must have. Also make sure to double check your bill.

Kokronite beach – Big Milly’s this is brunch heaven. Everything about this place is amazing from the ambiance, food, service EVERYTHING. The food is about 30 – 60GHcs. Ask for the orange juice and red red. Thank me later.

Lambadi Beach – this is the parte after parte beach. Never a dull moment especially on Sundays. It could be a bit crowded. This doesn’t have a restaurant per say but you can easily get snacks around.

Event Exploring – Keep your eyes and ears open, there is always some interesting event happening. For us, it was Afronation, Afrochella, some hair event… who even have hair events. All white, black, green, house whatever parties. Hence make sure you carry some beautiful party dresses. They really don’t allow people who aren’t dressed up. Heck, even the streets are just a party by themselves as they have music all day everywhere – ok most places.
Cape Coast – hidden gems. We wished we had stayed here longer. The ocean was calm here, the beach not too crowded. Our beach house was gorgeous and at such a friendly price. There you get to explore the Cape coast slave castle, Kakum National park and just the rest of cape coast. People do this as a day trip but I would advise 3 or more days to just appreciate beauty.

Slave castles – Ghana has 3 slave castles and we wanted to experience them all but we only went to the El mina slave castle. The stories were so devastating. Our guide was a perfect story teller he made us experience every emotion of their ancestors. The cruelty, the pain, sweat, tears, loneliness, the betrayal that by the time we left we were too drained to do anything. The sorrow and the heaviness of the place had consumed all our energy.

City Tour – There isn’t much too see in the city. It would take you a day or 2 to see Kwame Nkrumah Memorial park, the independence square (the sunset is everything from here), Osu castle, artist alliance gallery which are among the main attractions that are free. A few more hours of the next day to explore Jamestown Tower which in the on the outskirts of Accra.

Food experience – If you are not a foodie, please don’t bother yourself with this part. Hello foodies! Welcome to food heaven, where you taste buds dance and sing all day and even months after the whole food experience. It took me almost 2 months to find back my Kenyan tastebuds. Let’s start with the roadside snacks and ice cream. Some of which you have to acquire the tastes while others you buy and carry them as gifts to your home country. Waakye (found in Oxford Street from 7a.m to 9am and later if you are lucky) looking for where they sell this almost cost us our flight back home. Ooh yah it’s that good. A plate goes for about 7 – 20GHCs depending on whats in your plate. Of course the plantain crisps, the plantain and yam chips, red red (one of my girl’s fav she had this meal almost every day) such an amazing vegetarian option. Jollof rice, Aprapransah, fufu and goat soup, banku and tilapia,kenkey, okro stew, kelewele, domendo, roast duck. Fant fante, ladies get ready to remove your wigs for this one. Don’t forget to try out their fruits especially the oranges and pineapples, the sweetest I have had so far. Also food is cheap as compared to Kenya.

Some of the restaurants and eateries I would go back to; Chez classisse mama Africa it can get full and the service a bit wanting but the food… sigh!

Tasty Jerk – Just as the name suggest, the food is heavenly and they work till late like 12am late.

Asanka – try anything but the aprapransah. Also let them know you are in a hurry to avoid having rushed service (this means less tasty food).

Clubbing – You can’t go wrong when you go to Oxford street. It’s like the Westlands of Accra. You must check out Republic Bar and Restaurant. It’s a local hangout with an amazing vibe and awesome cocktails and mocktails. Ask for the Kokroko. CNN didn’t just talk about it for nothing.

Pampering – You already know Ghanaian women love to look good and really take care of themselves. This is one hell of an experience – the hamamat village. It has lots of different things to do. Check out their website for more

Shopping – They are lots of places that will fascinate you, at least that was the case for me. I would advise you to go to Makola market and take your time to compare the prices, quality and products; especially if you are buying fabric. They have a variety with woodin being a mind blower. Also go with an open mind as you will see lots of amazing things you hadn’t even thought about. Where are my health conscious people – don’t forget to get kola and tiger nuts. They also have a variety of local drinks which are nutritious and yummy yes both alcohol and non-alcoholic ones.

Don’t get shocked when you see men in your washroom. They have shared toilets and wait for it ……….. ladies have urinals too.

Ghana was good to us and we can’t end the story without mentioning the well-cooked Ghanaian Jollof as our host would say. 😎



  1. Leshan April 23, 2020 at 12:25 pm

    A pic of those pampered women would have made my quarantine memorable… Haha but i must say i loved the read, painted a pic.

    Good job!

  2. Loise Giturwa April 24, 2020 at 1:38 am

    I love it. When i visit Ghana, I will make sure to use this blog. Very good insights


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