Writing today feels like an extreme sport, it explains why my writing masterclass we were told as a writer you need to read and write daily. It’s been a while since I wrote but it’s for this exact reason that I’m here today. To recap all the beautiful and not so beautiful moments 2019 brought. You might come across this cliche article in many places. However , I would like to term mine as an end of year tradition.

2019 …. I lack words for you. I have been at my lowest and highest in less than 365days. Like lowest and highest ever. My contract ended and when I thought I would die my dream started shaping up, and with that came so many other super incredible stuff.

My takehome;

4 countries – 1 while I was broke and didn’t know how I would survive after I came from my trip. Ooh well God was super faithful I came back to a job. Well long story short money always returns.

Prayer works – even if you don’t see it immediately or when you expect it God has His way

His timing not yours, you cant force things to happen before their time

For faith to work you need to MOVE

You can be in a totally different space in the next 24 hours – be wise about your current 24.

Sometimes a break from work means doing what you have always loved. I didn’t have a job for a while and that was  a good time which I didn’t realise till later. I did what I loved and couldn’t do otherwise. I hiked on a weekday, did runs at random times of the day, I attended a writing masterclass, acquired 2 new skills, I had brunch with my folks lots of weekdays, breakfast with my exclusive person, helped my godbabies with homework, took afternoon naps( these are another type of special), visited my aunties and uncles. Really, these were some good good times.

Save way more than you think is possible and also invest that cash will come in handy at your least expected moment.

Chill – learn to chill even when everything is going south. Chill, God is in control.

I hope that 2020 has more to offer. Enjoy this beautiful decade. Create something epic!!


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