‘Wow, finally in Dubai’, I said out loud as I jumped up and down on my king size bed from my room with a view. I had had to cancel it twice before because my friends had to adult and knew I was actually going to enjoy my 2nd solo international trip.

After a few hours of sleep, I was ready to explore. It was almost lunch time. Food was on my mind.

‘I am definitely eating something I can’t pronounce or with an ingredient I can’t find in my home country. Maybe I can find but it has been used in an unusual way’, I thought as looked for a restaurant. My thoughts got distracted by all the shops I saw on the way. 3 hours later, I settled for a restaurant. An Arabic, Lebanese restaurant. My 1st meal in Dubai was fish Sayaeidh with fatush salad and Laban Aryan as a drink (not so fresh milk with yogurt, honey and salt). Yes, I remember my 1st meal considering the serving was quite impressive and quite delicious. Later, that night I went on a sea cruise. You’d think it was Christmas there. The lights and decor on the streets and the other ship were fascinating. The lights had a way of bring everything to life. The food was of course excellent and I couldn’t pronounce lots of them so I truly lived to my food experience.

The next day for me was a traveler’s adventure. Using the metro, changing the from blue to red line and vice versa, to taking a bus just to make my way to one of the most instagramable places on earth. They don’t give that title to Miracle Garden for nothing. It’s heaven on earth. The beauty, the creativity, the work and care that is behind it calls for nothing short of passion. The shape, colours, patterns, themes of the flowers are unbelievably beautiful. You can confuse them for the fake flowers. It’s a place for everyone especially lovers and kids. Lots of places to chill from the hammocks to lovers’ seats and random swings. Solo travel lovers can find it a bit difficult as people aren’t so willing to take pictures.  After hours of enjoying the beautiful garden, my heart was full and I headed to Dubai Mall for yet another mind blowing experience.

You can’t go to Dubai and not go to that mall. I went to the mall three times and yet I didn’t see all its corners. They have an actual app for this mall. The cheese cake shop was such a treat to my taste buds. The underground aquarium is one of its kind and all the other sites were a total shocker in a mall. Of course the dancing fountain topped everything. It’s better at night though despite the crowd. Speaking of culture shock, I loved that they have a priority coach for women and children on the metro. Also, that drivers stop patiently a few meters before the pedestrians crossing and wait for the pedestrians to cross. There, the stripes are not just fancy white markers on the roads like most roads in my home country. The bridges actually work as they should and it’s not a decoration that pedestrians walk under. Some of them even have lifts to the actual bridge. Truly to travel is to see. My shopping continued with my amazing sweethearts( who traveled 2 hours to help me shop)to the gold souq, then the local market with super fair prices. By the time I got back to my hotel room at around 3am, I couldn’t get over the number of people on the street at that time and the fact that some supermarkets were still open. It was also a treat to just have late night conversations and ice cream in a totally safe town. Apparently the crime rate is at 0% there.

Day 3 would end up with me in my bath tub (as opposed to checking out the night life) reminiscing about the famous desert safari. It’s an unforgettable experience I think among the few that would still linger even after old age memory loss. How Mohammed – our driver, meandered in that sand was like a car being remote controlled by an overjoyed toddler. The few minutes we spent in the actual desert were my highlights. It seemed forever to me. Like a scene I had imagined in The Alchemist. I have never felt so tiny. Never appreciated God that much. Every worry, problem was suddenly so small.  The ride back was as great as we looked forward to the camp and dinner. It was a beehive of activities from the camel rides to henna drawings. All I was excited about was the acts. I wonder if the guy who did the fire show was ever warned about playing with fire. Unfortunately, never got a chance to ask as the belly dancer was suddenly dancing goals for me. I wasn’t sure what time I fell asleep but woke up cold and just a few hours to my Abu Dhabi road trip. Now this is something worth telling a story. Make sure you read all about Abu Dhabi here soon.



  1. Mohamed August 29, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    Good job next full marathon

  2. Michelle September 19, 2019 at 8:51 pm

    I want to travel with you????


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