Not all months start the same. Some are way better than others. November was the better one. 8am found me at ABC Place, having woken up like at 5 am just to have a decent breakfast, a well thought outfit or not. Ideally, just to have time to change like 10 times. Anyway 8am at ABC……to catch the bus to Morendant farm in Naivasha. Yep, the home of Leleshwa Wines and the famous Morendant meat.

We left Nairobi at around 9am all excited and ready for the surreal experience. How many times do you get to start the month with a wine tour? We had a brief stop at the view point and off we went. I was surprised at how fast we arrived. The farm is a few metres way from the road so you can’t miss it. Once we got in, we dipped our feet into the disinfected paddle to avoid spread foot and mouth and other diseases in the farm. We registered and were welcomed with refreshments. Don’t get all excited yet, it was tea and sandwiches. The cheese sandwich was my highlight and the milk that made the tea, good Lord, you definitely knew you were having the good stuff. The creaminess and thickness of the milk is something you just don’t get. These cows must be experiencing some kind of love some people only wish for to produce such great products. Yuuuuum! The iced tea was quite popular though. I guess it had something to do with the Aberdare tea they process and the mingling.

Once we were done, it was tour time. We were off to the youngest vineyard. Norman, our viticulturist, took us round narrating the viniculture of Leleshwa over the years from the planting to harvesting. Some interesting facts I learnt from him: The riper the grape grows the more it’s sugar rises. It takes 3 months to harvest, nine months to ferment and bottle. Wines taste different due to the temperature they are grown in. The skin of the red grapes can make white sweet wine. The most interesting was the experiment in the wild as termed by Emma one of the vintner’s in Leleshwa. The experiment was Sauvignon Blanc which won double gold in 2017.

Now the fun; wine tasting and pairing. We arrived at a well set up venue past the oldest vines which are 24 years old. The open kitchen, the pairing area , the actual meal place and the music just came all together to give a whole new feel. For a minute there, I couldn’t tell where I was. The dancing and laughter made the pairing so much better. Wine pairing differs on individual taste, the actual wine and what was most surprising was the temperature of the wine. We started with the Leleshwa Rose for pairing. My top 3 favorite pairing combination was: Gouda cheese, then toast with mushroom toppings and finally the mchicha crackers with cheddar cheese.How good can this combination be? My brain is still sorting for the right words to date.

Food time, we had a 3 course meal. An avocado, beetroot and parmesan salad paired with their award winning wine. As we waited for the main course we learnt about swirling and wine colour, smell, taste and how they all came together. Then the main course: Braised Morendant short rib, red wine and dark chocolate sauce and mashed potatoes paired with Leleshwa Merlot Shiraz. Dessert was cheese cake crumble paired with their sweet white wine.

The sweet white was combined with lots of dancing and mingling. At around 6pm we wrapped up what was an unforgettable experience and head back to Nairobi. You should definitely make your own memories. Check to reserve your slot 🙂


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