The Menengai Forest Trail

The Menengail Forest Trail was such a beautiful run. The uphill was such a struggle but the view was just stunning. The harder it got the more beautiful it became.

After the 1st uphill there was a forest and the hills there we not any easier. Having not prepared made my run so dull. I could hardly concentrate. When they say, it first starts with a thought I now truly understand.

From this run I took more learns learnt than any other thing;

  1. Prepare for the marathon mentally, physically, emotionally just prepare
  2. Hydrate, start this 1 – 2 weeks earlier
  3. Always remember the purpose of your travel. I think I had too much fun at Lake Elementaita on the way to the run. I lost priorities.
  4. Eat breakfast ?
  5. Keep your zeal matter how bad it gets remember your pace is your pace and you are your own competition noone else matters
  6. Enjoy the views, take photos od you must
  7. Finish the race that’s super important even if it’s 10 hours later.
  8. Acknowledge your achievement and do better next time
  9. Take the finish picture and flunt your medal. You deserve it.



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