Today I woke up in a familiar place a place I have known and love. It’s important to have such a place because as you step into new places, new zones, new comforts you quickly know, acknowledge and embrace the newness of a place.However, not many people like this feeling of new familiarity. It feels different, different good for me.It makes me realise the things I can achieve by just setting my mind to it and of course putting in the work. The work is important but the mindset is everything.

On this day(3rd March,18) I was travelling to Moshi, Tanzania where the run would take place.I remember last year a friend,now my accountability partner told me about the Kili Marathon. It sounded so refreshing and breathtaking that I wished someday I would take part in it. I didn’t put a date to it but I know I would go someday.

As the year began I took part in my 1st 2018 marathon – Menengai Forest Trail which lead to a lot of lessons learnt  and so did this one. My most important one was/is; remember your why. My why for this run was to beat as many personal bests as possible.

I experienced culture shock being my 1st international marathon things were so different from the local ones I had participated in.The organisation was remarkable. The water stands never run out of water although having them in small bottles would be more ideal as opposed to the plastic glasses we were using. My thoughts. The coke for energy did the trick as you went uphill which was the 1st 9.5kms. This is where you needed your all. You had to push and push. This was the separating factor.

Those hills didn’t do justice if you had a closed mind, your game would most likely end here. The rest of the trail was  good, flat and down hill with a last uphill surprise. Now this last hill is where my running partner of the day came in handy. I was almost calling it quits and just walk but she kept reminding me of my why(consciously or unconsciously). Her resilience was amazing something I could only build in the gym. There was my other lesson, it was time to hit the gym. On the way we had motivators and cheering squad who were also runners. This brought so much life to the run. The songs and chants just added to the speed and zeal. As we passed through local villages, the villagers would also sat by the roadside to spectate and cheer. At some point I wished I was on the other side but my running partner of the day wouldn’t let that thought settle in my head.

Pic: Charles Kolombo

After the 1st 11 kms, each km was marked. Am not sure if this gave or took life from me. Yes we did have time to enjoy the run and still goof around.

Finally, the finish line at the stadium people were shouting, cheering, chanting and I had  no choice but to finish with a bang. 21kms done, a new personal best attained making me too proud amd now to the next one.

Pic: Charles Kolombo





  1. Loise Giturwa May 17, 2018 at 10:01 am

    Nice Read.
    Next Kili marathon will be there. Better and stronger

  2. Tashinsky June 9, 2018 at 10:06 pm

    Beautiful piece. I love it

  3. Royal CBD May 10, 2020 at 10:38 pm

    Keep on writing, great job!


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