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The Sun Will Shine Again!

These chilly November evenings make me miss the warm, happy, sunlit days we had before. The days before corona where we would visit places without thinking of wearing a mask, if places are open , will they accept the mode of payment I have. The days when places weren’t restricted and you could just walk in and enjoy the moments. Will these days ever be…

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10 places that quenched my travel thirst during the Rona Cession in Nairobi,Kenya

Nairobi hasn’t been my best of places, I love to wander to different counties and countries every other week. Unfortunately, over the last 3 months I have had to stay in the Nairobi Metropolitan area, which surprisingly gives you lots of options and outdoor activities to do. Hiking in the Ngong Hills – Of course this my default as it’s an easy solo hiking location…

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